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I got a CA I.D. at let me tell you, at first I was so happy with the great quality… but upon use and comp with real Cali ID's, I noticed the ID was terrible.

The bad looks nothing like the real one and by simply holding it up to a light, any bouncer will know it's fake (as there is no bear inscribed in it). DO NOT BUY FROM FLORIDA FAKES. THEY SUCK AND ARE A WASTE OF MONEY. AND DO NOT SCAN.

You know how your current ID has the super complicated barcode on the back that places use to scan it?

Well this one looks like the kind you find on clothes. It's utterly pathetic.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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THIS IS DOWNRIGHT FRAUD! I would go to the police if I were you.

Tell them you were scammed by this fake ID company! Tell them everything! Don't wait though, for best results contact them ASAP!

They will definitely help you get your hard earned money back from these dirty scamming criminals! :(

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