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they are a scam. spent 360 dollars and didnt get anything. everything looked offical to me and there was even a reddit page that talked about it but that reddit page was actually just controlled by bots. paid 360 dollars and didnt get anything back, i just wanna kill the son of a *** that scammed me of my money. If you want to get a fake ID i would honestly suggest going through ID God, all my friends have done that and it is a lot cheaper than... Read more

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I ordered 15 ids and spent $1350. None of them came in. I had 14 of my friends pissed off at me. The company responded quickly to me when i had questions about the Ids before i had ordered them along with instructions about how to set everything up. As soon as i sent in the $ 1350 dollars, they never responded and the IDs never came in. I had a lot of faith in this company by the way they set up their website but the scammed me. I would never... Read more

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I spent $165 on their ID "sale" which turned out to be a scam. I ordered the IDs in March and haven't heard back. I filled out multiple tickets to the website but they never responded. The website is now down and I don't have an ID. Florida Fakes had a huge customer base and I only used the site because the IDs are well done and they do not have to go through customs. I'm not sure why they would go out in a mass exit scam but I am PISSED. This... Read more

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I spent 120 dollars and probably another 30 in gas to get to Denver to use a Bitcoin ATM to be completely ripped off by Florida Fakes. I submitted my "ticket" early March and still have heard no reply from them. My payment got confirmed so they definitely took the money. I tried to email them, I tried resubmitting my ticket and still nothing. This process was time-consuming and ended up being total BS. I thought they might just be behind in... Read more

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I Ordered about 25 ids when Florida Fakes first came out online and we got them they were good but expired as it has been 3 years later. The guy we were in contact with remembered our order and loyalty. We recently we just placed another order for another 10 IDS and haven't had a response in over a month and no way to get the bitcoins back. Hopefully temporally shut down cus i want my *** ID. Or the bro *** dipped and i want my *** money back.... Read more

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First of all, i never take the time out of my day to write a review like this, but these people really *** me over so now i'm pissed. I specifically placed an order about 2 months in advance so that I would have it in time to attend a festival that i was not old enough to go to. So someone told me florida fakes would be a good place to get it cause they knew someone who ordered one from there and they got it and it worked good. So i ordered it,... Read more

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Placed my order months ago and my order was processed and money was taken, but they never actually sent the ID or responded to any of my messages. Do NOT buy from them. It was a confusing process and turned out to be a scam. I have a friend who ordered from them last year and got his ID and it worked great, so at one point they must have actually been sending out a product. My guess is once they established credibility and word of mouth spread... Read more

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I used it in December and even though they sent them much later than they originally said I did get them and they were very good. However, I since put another order in on April the 6th and I have had no response at all. They have not replied to any of my ticket's and my order is just sitting there. Guys is you have gone bust because you couldn't handle the volume take the site down so that other people don't get ripped off. Don't use the site... Read more

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So let me get this straight. The folks who have written reviews above that they tried to buy a fake I.D. so they could drink illegally were not happy that they got ripped off and now they are complaining? Unbelievable. I have a bridge in Brooklyn or some swampland in Florida for sale if anyone would like to buy some or all of it I would be happy to help you become separated from your money. I have always heard that a fool and their money are... Read more

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I have friends who have successfully used this site, so I tried it out. I put together a rather large group order and paid in bitcoins because it is the fastest method. I transferred $900 in bitcoins from my account the theirs, and the payment was confirmed from my end. When I submitted a ticket to get payment confirmation from their end, I was promised a response within 48 hours. It has been 2 weeks and I am STILL WAITING. While I understand... Read more

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