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So, I ordered from florida fakes back in september and i did the payment and it magically disappeared. I submitted a ticket and i got a response asking the order number of my order in september. I am not paying another 150$. So far, nothing has happened yet so i don't know if it is a scam or if it is legit but i will definitely post back to give results. I am sick of people getting scammed from... Read more

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I ordered from them 2 months ago and they stopped responding...I definately got scammed. Do not trust these people they will steal your money and stop talking to you. Add comment

received my fake id 2 weeks ago after about 4 months of waiting which is ridiculous. didn't even touch it than finally when i open the envelope and half of the id seems five times more flimsy than the rest of it, so i move my finger along the edge and notice the laminated pieces on both sides of the paper were not even stuck to the paper. Now i have spent over one hundred dollars for nothing, not... Read more

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I purchased an ID from Florida Fakes after checking out many other websites first, but even then I was still a bit skeptical. Especially for the fact that the day after I submitted payment the website went down and then of course when it was back up I couldn't log in to my account anymore. At this point I felt like it was probably a scam. Just for the *** of it, I sent them a message... Read more

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I went on a trip to Nashville and pre ordered my ID a few months ahead of time so I knew for sure it would be here by the trip. I got a FL ID so I figured it should definitely work out of state. This first bar we tried to go into the bouncer asked me for my Id, I gave it to him... Not even 2 seconds later he said this is fake and put it in his pocket. He didn't even look at the ID and knew it was... Read more

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I ordered an ID from Florida fakes I think April last year.. Didn't arrive until *** september.. Having said that, the ID scans and has gotten me into all the bars I've tried so far. My friends tell me the ID looks ***, but I've compared it to other IDs from Florida and I have to admit, they look almost identical. Don't know how worth the cost it was considering the one bar I really wanted to try... Read more

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I got a CA I.D. at let me tell you, at first I was so happy with the great quality… but upon use and comp with real Cali ID's, I noticed the ID was terrible. The bad looks nothing like the real one and by simply holding it up to a light, any bouncer will know it's fake (as there is no bear inscribed in it). DO NOT BUY FROM FLORIDA FAKES. THEY SUCK AND ARE A WASTE OF MONEY. AND DO NOT SCAN. You... Read more

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I ordered 2 fake ids back in the beginning of August and it is now November and I haven't received my IDs. I've emailed them multiple times, and they did respond every time. I was questioning them, but they kept assuring me that it was sent but I'm not so sure... I feel like I was scammed. A couple of my friends wanted to order from them too but I don't think it's a good idea now. DON'T ORDER... Read more

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I purchased a CA Florida Fake ID, using express shipping and I am more than pleased. It looks reasonably authentic, and came earlier than I had anticipated. I believe it only took around two weeks to arrive in my mail box. It was very discreet, and didn't look suspicious at all. It is not a scam, and you can trust them. I have yet to use my ID, but I'm sure it will work most of the time. They... Read more

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I know you have no way of telling, but I'm a college kid who ordered FL licenses from them and they came and look literally perfect. They have a bit of a fake, home made look to their lamination but they're the best I've ever seen. They did take a really long time to come though. I'd given up and was pleasantly surprised when they did show up. They were a bit expensive though at starting at... Read more

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